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A Proven ERC Track Record for Businesses

Bottom Line Concepts a proven track record in assisting companies recover taxes and wages they have already paid on their W2 employees with zero upfront cost to the business. Their experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated team will handle the entire process from beginning to end with the IRS on behalf of the business, and work closely with them to collect necessary documents and recover the most possible funds as quickly as possible.

The Entire ERC Process Handled for You

The team over at Bottom Line are truly experts in what they do – and they specialize in complex government tax and refund related filings precisely like the Employee Retention Credit. They have completed over 16,000 ERC filings, and recovered over $3 billion dollars in ERC tax credits. That’s no chump change. It takes a serious operation to be able to deliver on that, and they have proved themselves every step of the way.

Bottom Line Concepts has History and Rapport

Bottom Line Concepts is a division of Bottom Line Savings. Founded in 2009, Bottom Line Savings is a no risk, contingency-based cost savings company. They negotiate on behalf of their clients to get the best prices possible from their existing vendors. They audit old invoices for errors getting our clients refunds and credits, and they increase the profitability and overall valuation of their client’s organizations.

Bottom Line Savings primary client base was fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies who produced over $100,000,000+ per year in revenue / sales. They focused their services on Government aid, unrealized funds, and specific cost-savings analysis.

Companies that Trust Bottom Line Concepts

Bottom Line Concepts clients include names like Starbucks, Visa Uber, McDonald’s, Rolex, the New York Yankees, the LA Lakers, Chase Bank, MetLife, Comcast GNC, Burger King, Versace… The list goes on.

Bottom Line Concepts Clients

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