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The iHub Network Map represent a live helium map, and all of the planned and reserved hotspots from iHub members. It is a way to visually represent all of the active hotspots from helium as well as the user growth of iHub Global.

What do the different color dots mean?

• Online Hotspots - These are live hotspots that are earning HNT on the helium network. They are made up of both ihub members, and everyone else who is mining helium.

• Offline Hotspots - These are hotspots which appear to be offline or not connected to power or internet. There is no telling whether a hotspot will go back online or remain offline.

• iHub Planned Hotspots - These dots represent planned hotspots from all of iHub's members collectively. Planned hotspots do not hold any influence over reserved hotspots or affect our placement intelligence. Meaning, they are only the first initial step of getting a reserved hotspot in that area, but do not have any value until there is a mining assessment sent out or someone reserves their hotspot for that location - it is just a "Plan".

• My Planned Hotspots - These dots represent hotspots which you have planned on your account. Only you will see these as pink dots. The rest of the community will see these as blue dots, as explained above. Similarly  - it is just a "Plan".

• Pending Reservation - These dots represent hotspots which are pending reservation. Meaning someone has been sent a virtual mining assessment to and that location and surrounding area is locked for a 24-period. The lock only begins when the person who received the mining assessment opens the link to the virtual mining assessment report and activates the 24-hour lock - until then the area is not locked.

• Reserved Hotspots - These dots represent hotspots which are fully reserved. This means they have passed the validation, and an iHub user has reserved this placement.

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