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Loop TV is a free plug-and-play device provided to business owners that delivers a premium multi-streaming platform with hundreds of on-demand channels for the TV’s screens in their business. Loop TV also has a huge library of 450,000+ expertly curated videos and premium content like Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music Videos, Sports, News, Viral Videos, Stunning 4K Scenes, Kid-friendly content, and much more. Watch This Video to See Loop In Action

(Business owners are also compensated for using Loop TV! – See FAQ: How much can business owners earn with Loop TV?)


Loop TV allows business owners to deliver premium content, easy customizable playlists, and variety of entertainment to engage customers and visitors in their business. Best of all, just for using Loop TV, business owners are compensated per device/TV every single month! – See FAQ: How much can business owners earn with Loop TV?)

Yes! Loop is a free service that provides premium entertainment for your business. The service is free, the hardware is free, and even shipping is free. Open the box, plug and play, and free your screen!

Yes, every business that requests Loop TV There are only 2 qualifications to be able to get free Loop Players for a business:

  1. The business must have at least one TV screen in viewable proximity to customers and or visitors.
  2. The business must be open and accessible to the public.

Home based businesses do not qualify. Examples of businesses that are a great fit for Loop TV: Bars, Restaurants, Hair / Beauty Salons, Auto Repair Shops, Gyms / Athletic Facilities, Grocery stores, etc. Basically, places where groups of customers gather, and spend a bit a time in.

For a business to earn the full potential rewards the recommended run time is an average of 8+ hours per day or 240+ hours per month.

You can earn up to $20 / month in prepaid Visa cards.

Loop has hundreds of on-demand channels highly curated for any business and over 450,000 high quality videos. We have music video channels for any mood or genre, the latest trending news, travel. Easily steam and create custom playlists in categories like: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Music Videos, Sports, News, Viral Videos, Stunning 4K Scenes, Kid-friendly content, and much more.

Loop TV is extremely easy to get started and takes about 5 minutes to setup. The Loop TV player is plug-and-play right out of the box, requires no complicated install, and instructions are provided inside and 24/7 customer phone support available.

Businesses can easily manage the content they stream across all their TV’s with an easy to use remote control per device. Or they can use the Loop TV mobile app to manage all of the devices, and make multi-display streaming a breeze!

During the current beta phase, about 7 business days turnaround time. Once iHub Meta and Loop TV are officially launched, turn around time is expected at 5 business days. Please note during beta, tracking, automation, and notifications are still under development.

Yes they do. Any business that is open to the public qualifies.

Loop takes care of the Performer's Rights Organization licensing agreements as well as all record label licensing. If the music video or other content is on Loop, you are cleared to play the content in your business.

The customer success team is available 24/7 365 days a year via email call or text.

The Loop Business Portal is an online web portal where you'll manage your Loop for Business player(s). Create custom playlists, upload and manage digital signage, create and manage schedules, upload your logo, and more.

Loop allows you to set certain playlists or business TV channels to play at certain times of the day in your business automatically. For example, you could set a lunch playlist to begin at noon, and a happy hour playlist to start at 3pm, and an evening playlist to start 7pm. Times of day and days of week for certain channels to play can be custom scheduled for your guest mix.

Loop has hundreds of music video playlists to choose from. Some of our playlists are built around genres, but many are made with specific moods or events in mind. We have a guide to choose the right playlist for your customers along with some example playlists.

There are also dozens of non-music business TV channels to choose from. These are great on their own or to play on some TVs while music videos play on other TVs.

This will be available soon in the iHub Meta back office. The business owner will be able to verify play time by logging into his/her portal as well as rewards that are earned.

Yes, the business will need to use the input from their own TV to switch between video output. For example switch between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. The Loop TV player has its own remote which only controls the programing and navigation of the Loop TV content being streamed.

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