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Yes, Helium Hotspots are 100% safe and secure to put in any location. They are only accessible and communicate with other Hotspots on the Helium Network.

Helium is built on super secure, cutting-edge blockchain technology which means that all the data is encrypted and safe from hackers. Also, no external data from your regular internet usage or router goes through your hotspot, which means that none of your information can be exposed via the hotspot.

The signal that is broadcast from your hotspot is also completely safe regarding a health perspective. Each hotspot manufacturer is carefully approved by a government entity. For example, in the US the FCC regulates and approves the hardware for any potential safety or health risks.

To fully answer your question, it is 100% safe and secure to put a hotspot in your home.

Hotspot Intelligence

When planning a hotspot we run it through a series of intelligence checks to verify that it is an "eligible" placement for an iHub Hotspot. Currently, our algorithms are only checking to see if your planned hotspot is in too dense of an area or too close to another live hotspot, reserved hotspot, or pending reservation (24 hour period).

If your location does not pass intelligence, you will still be able save that planned location in your Planned Hotspots, but will not be able to send someone a virtual mining assessment, nor reserve an iHub hotspot for that location.

Why do we do this?

1 We want to ensure a fair and level playing field for all iHub members when planning and deploying their networks. If there is a live, reserved or pending reserved hotspot already in that placement then placeing another hotspot too close will only conflict, and prove mututally unbeneficial for both parties.

2 We also try our best to make sure anyone who receives an iHub Hotspot will generate decent mining rewards. If we didn't take location placement and proof-of-coverage into account then it would almost guarantee low mining rewards.

We appreciate your patience during the fast pace growth of this incredible opportunity. We understand your excitement and anticipation to get your hotspot as soon as possible. We want to get as many of these delivered to you and everyone you either have shared with or soon to share with. Time for delivery can vary on many factors and therefore giving an exact date at this time is premature.

If you have followed the steps in the Getting Started Video Training or have secured your hotspot through an assessment, then you are on your way to getting a hotspot.

Although HeliumTrack uses the two most superior mapping services available, Mapbox and Google, we understand that there can be regions or areas in the world that are not 100% accurate when mapping geocoordinates to an address. Unfortunately, this is a current limitation and issue we are looking to resolve in the coming weeks.

How will this be resolved?

We will be releasing an update that will allow you to use pin-correction after entering an address. That means you will be able to drag the dot or pin on the map onto the precise location, virtually allowing you a customized way to tell HeliumTrack exactly where that address is. There will be additional validation measures that will need to be taken to verify the address before receiving the hotspot. Also, the pin-correction will be limited to a bounding box within a certain distance around the address that was correlated with Mapbox or Google mapping services.

You have the ability to change or cancel your reserved hotspot address anytime after reserving your hotspot. In the "Getting Started" box where you originally reserved your hotspot, you will see a button next to your reserved address that says "Change / Remove". If you click this button a new window will appear with instructions on how to change or cancel.

You can see this process in the Getting Started Video Training in the module labeled "Reserving Your Hotspot"

There are many variables that will factor into whether the hotspot is able to be relocated to a different location. If and when someone needs to do this, it will be reviewed and answered on a case to case basis.

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