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iHub Vantage is an affiliate opportunity and system to promote and offer powerful benefits, savings, and wellness programs to employers and companies.

iHub Vantage primary roles and responsibilities:

  • Software and platform that all affiliates must use to promote the opportunity
  • Provides affiliates with their own backoffice portal to learn, refer and track all aspects of their efforts in promoting the opportunity.
  • Manages the relationships of affiliates and businesses, both on a technical level and a compliance level
  • Developed the entire affiliate program that allows individuals to join, refer and promote products and opportunities as well as maintaining all the processes that are required in order to do so
  • Provides all the tools, education, and training that affiliates can and must learn to promote the opportunity.
  • Delivers all necessary compliant marketing material for affiliates to use to promote the opportunity.
  • Provides our affiliates with support channels to help resolve issues and answer questions
  • Responsible for affiliate commissions and payouts which are earned using the compensation plan

Oaceus – is an industry leader in delivering powerful benefits, cost-savings, and wellness programs to employers. Their proprietary wellness plan is a participatory plan that offers participants something new in their personal health care. OACEUS encapsulates ALL aspects of wellness taking into consideration physical, mental, and financial wellness to create a product that delivers everything your employees want, and nothing that they don't. 

Oaceus primary roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for working directly with client through the process from discovery to installment
  • Responsible for educating client through various calls and presentations
  • Responsible for determining eligibility of client for various savings, benefits, and wellness programs
  • Responsible for collecting and approving necessary business documentation from the client
  • Responsible for enrolling and installing services for eligible clients

The Oaceus 360 Wellness Plan is a powerful wellness program that is installed as a secondary health insurance for employees within an organization with zero net out-of-pocket cost to the employer.

  • Powerful cost-savings to the employer within Workers Comp and Fica Taxes
  • Benefits that improve the quality of life making a healthier workforce
  • Increased Benefit Package with the 360 Wellness Plan and Universal Life Insurance

The Employer Advantage


  • OACEUS 360 Wellness Premium

  • Universal Life Insurance Premium

  • Death Benefit Generated

  • Worker’s Compensation Premium Savings

  • Potential FICA Tax Savings

The plan aims to improve employee health and well-being, increase productivity and performance, reduce healthcare costs, and enhance employee engagement and retention. This is achieved through encouraging healthier lifestyles, promoting wellness activities, and providing risk management resources. The presentation also highlights the benefits of a Universal Life Insurance Policy, which provides financial security and tax advantages.

  • The 360 Wellness Plan leads to improved employee health and well-being, with healthier employees proving to be more focused, energetic, and productive.

  • Wellness activities such as regular exercise, healthy eating, and stress management can help prevent or manage chronic health conditions, leading to reduced healthcare costs.

  • The plan can reduce workers' compensation claims by preventing injuries and promoting overall health and well-being. This includes educating employees on proper body mechanics, ergonomics, and safe work practices.

  • A Universal Life Insurance Policy provides a financial safety net for employees' loved ones, with the potential for cash value growth and tax advantages.

  • The presentation concludes with potential savings for employers, including a 15-30% discount for healthier, more productive employees and no out-of-pocket cost for the 360 Wellness Plan.

Wellness Program:


  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Predictive Disease Analysis
  • Biometric Screening
  • 24/7 Telemedicine $0/co-pay
  • Health Tracking
  • Discount Prescription
  • Rx Ordering
  • Wholeistic Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Smoking Cessation
  • EAP 


  • Relationship Health
  • Behavioral Coaching
  • Identity Theft and Recovery
  • Bankruptcy Foreclosure
  • Sale/purchase or lease Agreements
  • Separation or divorce
  • Adoption
  • Child custody/child support
  • Simple will
  • Traffic, civil or criminal matters
  • Legal document review
  • Simple dispute resolution


  • Planning for retirement
  • Preparing for life events
  • Student Loan Debt Relief
  • Help lowering your bills.
  • Get paid to exercise.
  • Tax-related issues
  • College education
  • Student loan coaching
  • Home purchase education
  • Credit report review
  • Travel, Entertainment & Dining Discounts


  • Unlimited consultations
  • Referrals
  • Childcare
  • Adoption
  • Eldercare
  • Dependent Care
  • Medical Advocacy
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Assistant

Employee Incentives - Universal Life Insurance

  • Death Benefit for Their Families

  • Living Benefits for the employee

  • Cash Value for their reward

  • Guaranteed issue

  • Permanent policy

  • Coverage if something happens to you

  • Coverage for family or loved ones

  • Cash accumulated monthly with guaranteed interest

Participatory Wellness Plans Approved by Government Entities!

  • The Affordable Care Act
  • The Department of Health and Human Services
  • The U.S. Treasury
  • The Department of Labor

The Affordable Care Act creates new incentives and builds on existing wellness program policies to promote employer wellness programs and encourage opportunities to support healthier workplaces. 

The Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), Labor and the Treasury are jointly releasing proposed rules on wellness programs to reflect the changes to existing wellness provisions made by the Affordable Care Act and to encourage appropriately designed, consumer-protective wellness programs in group health coverage. 

These proposed rules would be effective for plan years starting on or after January 1, 2014. The proposed rules continue to support workplace wellness programs, including “participatory wellness programs” which generally are available without regard to an individual’s health status. 

The WIMPER Program

The IRS Tax Codes that allow the OACEUS 360 Wellness Plan benefits to be administered

  • IRC 125 CAFETERIA PLAN - Pre-Tax Deduction

  • IRC 105 SIMRP - (Self Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan) Balance used for Medical Expense Reimbursement

  • IRC 213(D) MEDICAL EXPENSES - Benefits approved by the ACA, HHS, DOL, and CMS

✅ Benefit Types Allowed by the IRS:


  • Proactive Plan
  • Benefits that Promote Health
  • Benefits that Prevent Disease
  • Supported by the ACA, DOL, HHS and the US Treasury
  • Utilize the Qualified 213.d Medical Expense
  • Require Participation which establishes benefit usuage
  • Universal Life Insurance policy as a voluntary benefit utilized as a reward, according to ACA guidelines.

❌ Benefit Types NOT Allowed by the IRS:

  • Non-compliant by the IRS due to "double dipping".
  • Utilizing benefits that are pre-taxed that produce a cash benefit that is also not taxed.
  • Not utilizing the 213.d Qualified Medical Expenses
  • Not requiring usage of benefits
  • Not supported by the IRS, ACA, DHS or the US Treasury

Universal Life Insurance Features

Universal Life Insurance includes death benefit, living benefits, and cash value. It specifically highlights the policy's portability and the absence of medical exams for issuance.

  • Guaranteed issuance without medical exams, making the process easier and more

  • The insurance is permanent and portable, implying that it remains with the policyholder even after leaving a company.

  • The death benefit is a payout made to the beneficiary upon the insured person's death. Part of this benefit can be accelerated in cases of serious injury, chronic, or terminal illness while the policyholder is still alive.

  • The living benefits refer to the use of the death benefit while the policyholder is still alive in case of serious illness or injury.

  • The policy includes a cash value account, a part of the premiums paid go into this account where it can grow tax-deferred.

This Universal Life Plan is funded by the employee, using their new increased net pay generated by their Oaceus 360 Wellness Plan. Their net pay after the Oaceus 360 Plan install & Universal Life Insurance Install remains the same. All at no new out of pocket expense.

The follow focuses on the cost and benefits associated with an employee's gross wages and deductions. It explains how the cost of the benefits can be offset, resulting in a $0 net out-of-pocket cost. The information is the sole property of Oaceus and is protected by copyright law.

  • Gross wages are subjected to various deductions including 401k, medical, dental, and taxes.
  • The taxes include federal, state, and social security withholdings.
  • Despite these deductions, the net pay remains the same with the program, thanks to the gross wage reimbursement.
  • The wellness plan and universal life are part of the program benefits.
  • Under the IRC 125 Cafeteria Plan, $1,250 represents the monthly cost of all benefits included, for employees with dependents and with variations for single employees, $950.
  • Through adjustments to gross wages, tax savings can fund the Wellness Plan and Universal Life Insurance – funds that would usually go to the IRS.
  • The IRC 105 SIMRP represents the reimbursement of the monthly cost of benefits in the program.

Leveraging Worker's Compensation to Engage Wellness Program

This summary outlines the contents of the Worker's Compensation presentation. It covers the various types of insurance arrangements for worker's compensation, the typical calculation for worker's compensation insurance cost, the changes implemented by Oaceus to reduce costs, a case study of savings achieved, and the next steps for businesses.

  • Types of Worker's Compensation Insurance Arrangements: Fully Insured, Self-Insured with a Stop-Loss Policy, Self-Insured, Captives, Joint Powers Agreement (JPA), and Monopolized Worker's Comp. States.

  • Typical Calculation of Worker's Compensation Insurance Cost: It is based on total payroll and the insurance rate for the class of work. The cost per employee can be estimated by multiplying the rate by the employee payroll.

  • Changes Implemented by Oaceus: Reduced commissions, proper risk classification, risk management resources, and carrier discounts with approved benefits.

  • Case Study of Savings: IXYZ Manufacturing saved $40,650 in the first year after installing Risk Management Resources (PWP) and additional savings are expected in subsequent years.

  • Next Steps: Generate a wellness plan proposal, collect payroll information, review and adopt the wellness plan, and shop for worker's compensation to create savings

Note: The presentation is the sole property of Oaceus and is protected by copyright law. Unauthorized use or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Leveraging Self-Insured Healthcare to Engage Wellness Program

This summary focuses on the key points of the presentation on Self-Funded Healthcare (SFH) by Oaceus Insurance Services. The core topics revolve around the cost-saving benefits of wellness plans, the impact of unnecessary emergency room visits, and the convenience of immediate healthcare solutions.

  • Self-Insured employers pay for claims as they occur rather than paying a fixed insurance premium. A stop-loss policy can also be included in this plan design.

  • Wellness plans help employees address certain healthcare needs within their scope, leading to considerable cost savings for companies.

  • Many emergency room visits are avoidable. The OACEUS 360 Wellness Plan offers a second opinion from ER doctors on the necessity of such visits, reducing company costs.

  • Immediate healthcare solutions are more convenient than the traditional process of scheduling and waiting for appointments, which also involves time and financial costs.

  • In an example, an organization with 45,000 employees saved $4 million in a year after implementing a wellness plan with an 8% engagement rate. This example illustrates the significant potential savings with a higher engagement rate

Compliance / Policies

  • You may not refer an existing business that has already been referred or already working with Oaceus or iHub Vantage
  • You may not continue to reach out to a potential prospect or business if they clearly expressed that they were not interested, or asked to stop communications. This includes phone calls, emails, text messages, or any other form of verbal or written communication.
  • You may not put down or degrade other or potential competing products that the business might already be using as form of sales tactics.

The Effective Affiliate Mindset

  • Being of Service
  • Helping your customer build their business
  • Being a problem solver
  • Not being there to close a sale
  • Be professional and open a relationship
  • Always keep the long term customer vision
  • Know that many business owners wont make a decision on the spot
  • Be prepared and do your research

Communication with business owner

  • Be prepared and do your research
    • Study the customer business
    • Do some research, search online for information
    • Find out everything you can about the business
    • Try to align your communication with direction they are trying to go

  • Be professional and open a relationship
    • Make sure you never interrupt the business owner when they’re busy, or with a customer
    • Try to find a time to connect with the customer when they have the time
    • Try to build rapport, connect with them, and build a relationship
    • If possible, try not to do all the talking
    • Be genuine, not “salesy”
    • Look for ways to compliment the business or point out positive things that you notice in the business
    • Find out what’s important to them, allow them to open up and get their story

  • Proper representation of yourself, and your role
    • Do not say that you work for Oaceus
    • You are an affiliate of iHub Vantage, helping connect eligible businesses with Oaceus

  • Following up with a business owner if they are interested
    • Find a good day and time to re-connect
    • Be specific on a date and time
    • Repeat that day and time back to them to confirm before you leave
    • If you’ve learned about the business during your communication and connected with the business owner, genuinely and sincerely let them know that you look forward to helping them.

To refer a business into vantage you can use one of the following methods. Please note, any other form of referral will not be tracked, and commissions will not be paid.

  1. Use the "Add new Deal" button found on the dashboard of your Vantage portal https://vantage.ihub.global/
  2. Use the "New Deal" button found on in the "My Business" section of your Vantage portal https://vantage.ihub.global/deals
  3. Use one of the landing pages available in the "Marketing" section of your vantage portal: https://vantage.ihub.global/marketing

iHUb Vantage LLC Affiliate Program Terms Of Service & Affiliate Participation Agreement:

Important Topics Regarding Affiliate Compliance and Terms of Service

  • Running your iHub business in a compliant and ethical manner

  • Preventing the use of income claims and income projections

  • Only share compliant information that is providing to its affiliates

  • Following code of ethics policies and guidelines

  • Following policies on the use of company protected names, brands and trademarks

  • Compliance questions should be sent to our compliance department at [email protected]

Income Claims Compliance Policies

  • It is against iHub’s Affiliate Terms to make any income claims or statements

  • Income claims include all monetary figures and projections of what someone would potentially earn with iHub’s opportunities

  • This is due to the regulatory organizations and entities that monitor our industry such as the federal trade commission and what they look for as far as non-compliance industry-wide.

  • Best strategy includes focusing on the officially published compensation plans that are provided by iHub 

  • An example of a non-compliant income claim: “You can earn $5,000 a month with iHub Vantage”.

Code of Ethics Summary

  • Code of ethics include the way that you conduct yourself as an iHub Vantage affiliates

  • This covers everything from having a high level of professionalism

  • Ensure that you are clear and concise when it comes to talking about iHub opportunities, products, services, and compensation plan.

  • It’s not uncommon for people to have disagreements even within their own teams, and we encourage that our code of ethics is followed and adhered to as referenced below:

iHub Global and iHub Vantage Endorses the Following Code of Ethics:

  • Affiliates must show fairness, tolerance, and respect to all people Affiliated with iHub Global, regardless of race, gender, social class or religion

  • Affiliates must contribute to and foster an atmosphere of positivity, teamwork, good morale and community spirit

  • Affiliates shall strive to resolve business issues, including situations with Upline and Downline members through tact, sensitivity, and good will

  • Affiliates must be honest, responsible, professional and conduct themselves with integrity

Intellectual Property and use of iHub Global protected Brands, Trademarks, Names, and that of our partners.

  • To avoid brand confusion and protect brand reputation, and in fairness to all, Affiliates are not permitted to purchase sponsored phrase terms like "iHub", "iHub Global", "iHub Vantage", or "Oaceus" related advertisements on other websites or social media.

  • Affiliates agree to cooperate fully with iHub Vantage in this area so that Search Engines list the iHub Global or Oaceus website as the top search result when a user makes a query containing relevant search terms of company names or trademarks or any other company protected trademark(s) or iHub Global and iHub owned content.

  • Affiliates may not bid on or purchase (or encourage or solicit any third party to bid on or purchase) any iHub Global trademark or iHub Global owned content as a meta-tag, keyword, paid search term, sponsored advertisement, or sponsored link used to trigger search results. If Affiliates wish to use any such meta-tags or search-based advertising programs to advertise iHub Global Products or the opportunity, they may do so only using generic search terms such as, “Employee Benefits and Incentives,” “Lower Workers Comp Costs”, "Employee Wellness Program" etc, as use of the “iHub Global”, “iHub Vantage”, "Oaceus" and names are owned by the company.

International Marketing of iHub Global and iHub Vantage products and opportunities

  • iHub’s opportunities are not available in all countries

  • iHub Vantage is a US-Only opportunity and offering

  • It is important for iHub affiliates to look into or make inquiries with our compliance department to check to see which countries are eligible or open for business with each opportunity.

  • Ensuring that iHub products and services are legal in each country

  • Ensuring iHub is registered and licensed to do business in each country

  • Check before you prospect

Getting help for iHub Vantage Affiliates

iHub Vantage affiliates are not permitted to reach out to Oaceus for support related inquiries or questions. There is only one circumstance that is allowed and that is ONLY if an affiliate is reaching out directly on behalf of a Oaceus Business Client to help with getting them enrolled.

If an iHub Vantage affiliate needs help with anything other than what is mentioned above they must use the support channels that have been put in place by iHub Vantage by submitted a support ticket here: https://vantage.ihub.global/ticket

This includes common inquires like discrepancies believed to be on their account, missing referrals, vantage points, compensation, affiliate links, marketing materials, training, etc.

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