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Sending a virtual mining assessment report to someone is a great way to invite someone to iHub Global. The report will be delivered via email, or SMS and will show them the earning potential of their location that you planned for them. It will also let them know that their location is eligible to receive a free hotspot deployment.

When they view their virtual mining assessment report, it will allow them to easily signup their iHub account with you as the sponsor, as well as reserve their free hotspot deployment. All of this can be done right from the virtual mining assessment report page,

In order to send a Virtual Mining Assessment Report to someone you will need to know:

  • Their exact and complete address.
  • Their First and Last Name
  • Their Email Address
  • Their Phone Number

With a Free HeliumTrack account you can send up to 10 Virtual Mining Assessment Reports.

To get UNLIMITED Virtual Mining Assessment Reports, you can upgrade to HeliumTrack Pro

You can send them to anyone and everyone that has physical location, like a home or office. They can be your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else that you know. You can use our marketing tools like affiliate links, and landing pages to promote iHub to anyone that might be interested in our Dynamic Hosting Affiliate Program

Absolutely, by getting in touch with someone before sending them a virtual mining assessment, you can take a moment to educate them on Helium Hotspots, and the amazing opportunity that iHub provides to our community. Also, you should let them know that they will have 24 hours while their location is held for them, and prevents anyone else from being able to reserve a hotspot near that location.


No you may not. Virtual Mining Assessments are meant to be used as a tool to invite other people to iHub Global. Sending yourself a virtual mining assessment is considered a form of referring yourself and a violation of iHub's Terms of Service.

Virtual Mining Assessments (VMA's) are a great way to get people signed up to iHub Global under your network. Rather than just explaining the iHub / Helium opportunity, you can actually show people through a report. Each VMA will not only indicate to the receiver that their location is eligible to reserve a  hotspot deployment, but will also show other nearby hotspots earnings.

From the VMA report the receiver can signup their iHub Global account, reserve their hotspot, and get logged right into HeliumTrack to begin growing their network.

Our statistics show that over 65% of people who receive a VMA, complete the process - so all in all, it's a great way to grow your network.

In order to send someone a Virtual Mining Assessment (VMA) you will need:

  1. Their exact address where they would reserve their hotspot.
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Email / Phone (depending on how you plan to deliver or send the VMA

There are currently several ways you can send a Virtual Mining Assessment (VMA) to someone.

Absolutely, this strategy is highly recommended. By giving someone a quick notice that you will be sending them a Virtual Mining Assessment (VMA) you can help encourage them to follow through with the process. You can also take a moment to educate them on iHub Global's opportunity and the Helium Network.

By doing this, it is a sure way to increase your conversion rates, and ensure that someone doesn't accidently ignore the VMA report you send them via SMS text or email.

  • HeliumTrack Free Account:
    • Currently can send up to 10 virtual mining assessments total

  • HeliumTrack PRO Account:
    • Currently can send unlimited virtual mining assessments, however there can only ever be up to 25 pending at any given time, which means that they need to be completed or expired before you can begin sending more.

When sending a virtual mining assessment report (VMA), every user has the option to send the report via SMS text message, email, or both. These options will automatically use the contact information that was provided when filling out the virtual mining assessment form.

The simple answer is no. Before being able to send a virtual mining assessment (VMA), the address provided will be validated by our intelligence algorithms. This will ensure that the area is not already too dense with other live hotspots and needs coverage. It will also ensure that there is not already another reserved hotspots within a nearby area since that location has already been claimed by another iHub Global member.

No, you will not earn anything directly from sending a virtual mining assessment (VMA). However, if the receiver of the VMA follows through the process (i.e. signs up to iHub Global and successfully reserves their hotspot), if and when they receive the hotspot and begin earning HNT rewards, you will begin earning based on the iHub Global dynamic affiliate hosting program compensation plan.

Regardless, when the person signs up, you will immediately receive credit for that by being the sponsor of their account.

When someone receives a virtual mining assessment (VMA), the goal for them is to "Claim their Location". This will then proceed to allow the user to register their iHub Global account (with you being the sponsor). From there, they will be able to reserve their hotspot, and begin using HeliumTrack to begin growing their network.

Yes, we have a complete dashboard to monitor, track and view the history of all you sent virtual mining assessments, that can be found here: https://heliumtrack.app/assessments

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