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Training Information:

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Product Links, File Downloads and Detailed Instructions Below:

Training Information:

To upgrade your hotspot's Micro SD card you will need the following items:

SanDisk 64GB High Endurance MicroSD Card SanDisk USB 3.0 MicroSD Card Reader

Reasons for upgrading your SD Card:
You may need to replace or rewrite the microSD card that comes with your hotspot if it:
  • shows "Disk Error" in the diagnostics
  • is not booting up (cannot connect over Bluetooth anymore after pressing the pairing button)
  • shows a solid or flashing green status LED
  • shows a very old block height and/or firmware version in diagnostics 
The card is considered a consumable, wearing, user replaceable part.
THIS PROCEDURE SHOULD ONLY BE USED FOR MNTD. and RAK v1.5 or v2 hotspots (shipped in 2021 onwards). RAK v1 hotspots (units shipped in 2020) will have a their identity stored on the SD card which must be restored from your backup. 



  1. Download Firmware File Above.
  2. Download and Install Flashing Software above (balenaEtcher)
  3. Flash Micro SD card using balenaEtcher.
    • Select the SD card
    • Flash and wait for verification
  4. Power off the miner (unplug from power)
  5. Carefully peel off the tape protecting the microSD card slot, it is below the gold/black sticker on the side of the miner where the antenna is, next to the status LEDs.
  6. Remove microSD card inside, there is a small lip on the bottom part which you can use to pull it out, some people prefer to use tweezers.
  7. Replace card making sure it's correctly inserted all the way with brand side down
  8. Power on the miner again.

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