๐Ÿ”‘ 8 Key Reasons Why Every iHub Member Should Attend the iHub Meta Pre-Launch Event (Live Stream Available)

 Here are 8 key reasons why every iHub member should attend the iHub Meta Event

Can't make it to Vegas? Stream it Live! Tickets are Selling Out!
While what you know is critical in creating or expanding your business, who you know is an integral part of the process. Below, we share some key reasons why it is SO IMPORTANT that every iHub Member attend this event. We are are here to help you succeed, and that's exactly what this is event is for!

iHub Meta delivers the future of cutting-edge opportunities. This jam-packaged event invites our members to a new era at iHub. Learn about the future world, it's changing fast, and we want you to be a part it!

When: August 27th 2022
Where: Attend in Las Vegas or get a Digital Live Stream Ticket

And here we go...

Grow your business, learn from the masters, meet the corporate teams, network and mingle with leaders, get first access to new opportunities before anyone else, learn about the future of web 3.0, and much more!


Why attending events is crucial for both personal and business growth?

First Access:
At iHub, we all know it's about being first. At this event you will get access to crucial information, tools, resources and opportunities before ANYONE else!

Personal & Business Growth:
While what you know is critical in creating or expanding your business, who you know is also an integral part of the process. Networking plays a crucial role in growing your identity or brand and increasing your visibility.

Connections & Meeting Key People In Your Industry One of the most important benefits of networking is meeting other influencers in your industry.

You’ll always be surprised by how you can help someone or how someone can help you. When you interact with similar people at an event or after an event, you form a relationship. This can often lead to being invited to other prominent industry events or can result in a new introduction to another person who has the potential to be a valuable contact.

Motivation & Inspiration:
Additionally, these people in similar positions as you and you’re striving to attain -- have valuable insight on your industry. They can help inspire and motivate you and can help put you in contact with other useful people who may be able to share their knowledge or provide you with a unique opportunity.

There are many more reasons, and you can read all about the iHub Meta Pre-Launch event Here


So we'll see you there?!


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