Announcing iHub Global Compliance Department

It’s a ten letter word that most people in our industry know, but don't like to use. Compliance. Before you roll your eyes, let's keep in mind, Compliance is one of the many departments we need to ensure we get to continue sharing the iHub opportunity. While many people think Compliance is “out to get you”, the main role of the newly developed iHub Compliance Department is to protect not only the company, but the business you are building here with us. 

The iHub Compliance Team is here to help with any questions you have regarding our terms of agreement, Affiliate conduct and many other areas. Compliance is here to be your advocate, and nothing else.

We are excited to announce the launch of the iHub Global Compliance Department as it shows how much we are growing. If you have any questions that you feel Compliance could assist with, reach out via email. [email protected] 

We will ensure that every resource will be made available to the community to further understand iHub's compliance and standards. We'll also be sure keep you informed with periodic emails like this one.

Let's work together to build the strongest network this industry has ever seen!

-iHub Global Compliance Team

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