๐Ÿš€ Get Ready for Pre-Launch. Loop TV Beta is Closing Soon!ย 

The Beta is Closing Soon! 

Get Ready for Pre-Launch ๐Ÿš€

(If you're an iHub Meta Affiliate no need to apply)

Dear iHub Meta Affiliates,

Wow! What an exiting past few weeks it's been here at iHub Meta together our incredible partners at OpenView Media and the first class opportunity we have delivered to our affiliates and businesses all over the nation with Loop TV!

In our beta program, we've learned a lot, and want to give big round of applause to YOU because our goals and expectations were well exceeded! Each and every one of you deserves a congratulations for your hard work, efforts, and participation in our beta program. But, with that said, it's time to take the next step here at iHub Meta! There are some exciting times ahead, but with that comes great responsibility as a company and how we proceed.


Our Beta Program is Closing on Saturday
Last beta program affiliate applications will be approved on Saturday July 2nd 2022, at 11:59pm PST.

As mentioned above, it's time to take the next step with iHub Meta, and the Loop TV opportunity. From here, we are transitioning from beta (testing) to pre-launch phases. In order to make this transition, we need to close out the beta program, and get ready for the big future ahead.


iHub Meta Pre-Launch Live Event
iHub Meta will officially pre-launch the Loop TV opportunity

To celebrate the next step with iHub Meta, we will be holding a small pre-launch event in Las Vegas in beginning of August. More detailed will be released over the coming days. We will be bringing in the OpenView Media team, along with with some of the Loop Media team to help us kick things off. We look forward to continuing to improve and deliver our affiliates with better tools and marketing to drive the Loop TV opportunity! Buckle up, because we're taking off!


Thank you for participating with iHub Meta!

-iHub Meta Team

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