Grow Your Network! New Landing, Signup Page & More!

Just one week after launching our new Support Center, we are already bringing you new and improved marketing tools and processes to help you grow your network! We are announcing this Live on our Training Webinar Thursday 9/9/2019. Register Here:

Tell me in a nutshell...

We have created a new high-converting landing page for all iHub members. This landing is affiliate code to you, to make sure you get credit for anyone who signs up from it. Along with that, this new landing page does an excellent job of educating your potential referral about Helium, Hotspots, and the iHub Opportunity. From there, it helps get them signed up for iHub Global. 

New High-Converting Landing Page
On tonight's training we are going to be reviewing the iHub Global's new Affiliate Landing Page. This high-converting landing pages will help educate any potential new member to the iHub & Helium opportunity, and allow them to join iHub Global right from there.

What about my existing Affiliate Link through iHub?
Don't worry, we will properly re-direct all existing affiliate links into the new signup process so there is nothing you need to do on your end. All your links will continue to work exactly like they did before, only your referrals will be greeted with a new and improved process.

New Signup Process through HeliumTrack
We're excited to announce that our new member signup page which will be handled entirely though HeliumTrack! - A smooth and seamless process to signup new affiliates. Why does this matter, you ask? Due to the fact that we have various systems sharing user information (iHub Backoffice, Comission Backoffice, and HeliumTrack), we wanted to streamline the process and centralize everything into one system. Because of HeliumTrack's robust functionality it allows us to ensure this process is always running smoothly, and all user data is kept accurate and up-to-date in real-time.

New Account Settings in HeliumTrack
We have migrated all the user profile and account settings into one section found in HeliumTrack. This means no more mismatched information, or using multiple systems to manage your account, profile, or settings.

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