⛔ Having trouble with your Linxdot Hotspot? Read This!

Having trouble with your Linxdot Hotspot?

Dear iHub Member,

We have been made aware of some potential performance issues that are affecting iHub members who have received Linxdot units. Not to worry, we have spoken directly with Linxdot and they have communicated to us how you can easily resolve many of the issues that you may be experiencing.

Some potential issues may include: syncing issues, witness & beacon issues, or HNT rewards. It seems the majority of these issues are affecting units that are connected via WiFi.

What do I need to do?

The direction we were given and the simplest way to resolve most hotspot issues is to plugin your hotspot via ethernet directly to your internet router.

Leave your hotspot undisturbed for 72 hours. During this time, your hotspot will be able to automatically download new firmware which should resolve the issues mentioned above. Once 72 hours has passed, you may unplug it from ethernet, and continue using your WiFi connection.

We hope these issues are resolved for you asap. 

Happy Mining,

- The iHub Global Team

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