iHub Official Support Center Launch

Over the last several weeks our software and support team have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for each and every single iHub Global member. With great excitement, we are please to officially and finally announce the iHub Global Support Center!

What is the Support Center?

iHub's official support and resource center is a single and centralized place to find everything you need when it comes to learning about iHub, Helium and HeliumTrack. We deliver the latest resources and training for you get the answers you need to find success with iHub's Dynamic Affiliate Hosting opportunity and utilizing our intelligent and proprietary SaaS software HeliumTrack. We also use our Support Center and a point of important announcements and communication directly with the community.

When it comes to growing your network and business, replication is crucial. Educating, training and answering questions for those that you sign up and bring into iHub can become a very overwhelming process. By providing you with a streamlined support platform that you can feel confident in sending every single person to you can focus on marketing and taking the next steps to continue to grow your network.

We look forward to continuing to update our support center with the latest training and crucial information to keep you informed and always one step ahead!

What resources are available to me in the Support Center?

  • Support Center Dashboard - A quick way to get to any section in the support center along with the latest announcement from the iHub Leadership Team.

  • Support GuidelinesAn important overview of the protocols and guidelines of how to achieve the best method of support for any issues you may be experiencing.|

  • News, Updates & AnnouncementsThe official and ONLY place to get the latest news, updates, announcements, features, bug fixes, and other important community messaging. This is the place to check to see what's going on in the community!

  • Training Videos & Courses - Finally an organized and centralized place with up-to-date video training on everything iHub and HeliumTrack. In this section you'll find the video training you need from new and beginner users to advanced and pro-account users.

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Organized and prioritized categories of commonly asked questions by iHub Global members.

  • Live Webinars - Easily find and browse our Live Webinar schedule, and view past live webinars!

  • System / Network Status- View a real-time network / system status of iHub and HeliumTrack. Our servers are checked every 60 seconds automatically for up-time and speed. If there is any outages, they will be displayed here automatically right away.


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