📶 Light Hotspots! Helium Network Update - Important Hotspot Announcement.
iHub Global Helium Update The Helium Network is having some major upgrades, here's what you need to know, and how it will affect your hotspot!

What is this Helium Update About?

Earlier today, Helium has pushed some major updates to their hotspot network. These updates will greatly improve the performance and stability of your hotspots! Your hotspot will be automatically be upgraded to what is known as a light hotspot. Light hotspots eliminate many of the known issues and stress that can cause poor performance or uptime. 

However, while this update is being pushed out, please know there are some expected growing pains that may occur over the next week or so.

During the next week, you may notice your hotspot appear to be offline, potentially lower mining rewards, or just acting funky. Not to worry, the best thing you can do is simply leave it plugged in and let it do what it needs to do :) 

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How will this update improve the hotspot network?

  • Eliminates many issues that cause hotspots to go offline
  • Eliminates hotspot syncing issues - No more syncing & Instant HNT mining!
  • Eliminates all relayed states / no need to unrelay or port forwarding / firewall issues
  • SD card failures due to excessive load or full disk

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