📢 Mandatory Live Training Call for iHub Meta Affiliates Thursday 6pm PST

Mandatory Live Training Call for iHub Meta Affiliates Thursday 6pm PST 


Mandatory Compliance Live Call - iHub Meta Affiliates Attendance Required

All iHub Meta Affiliates are required to to register below & attend!
Thursday June 30th 2022, at 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Before we take things to the next level, as you well know here at iHub we strive to equip our community and affiliates with opportunities that are not only around today, but for years to come. A big part of our vision is to help our iHub members not only change their lives, but the lives of future generations.

In order to truly accomplish this vision with excellence, it is vital that we maintain the integrity of not only iHub's brands but the brands and products that we work and partner with. Therefore, we have scheduled a MANDATORY compliance call which we require each and every iHub Meta Affiliate to Attend - We expect to see you there. On this call we will review some of the things we've learned and improved over these last few weeks, and it is very important that our valued affiliate force is on the same page with us.


Thank you for participating with iHub Meta!

-iHub Meta Team

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