🔥 We're kicking things off in HIGH Gear - Accelerator Kickoff Call!

Welcome to Accelerator!
We're Kicking Things Off...in HIGH GEAR.
Exclusive Accelerator Member-Only Live Call
Tuesday, September 13th at 1pm PST / 4pm EST
(This call link will only become active 15 minutes before the live call. Read information below about accessing the live call)
We want to welcome those who have joined the iHub Meta Loop TV Accelerator Program - Which is SOLD OUT for now.

500 lucky members get early, exclusive and highly discounted access to the accelerator program!
Tomorrow we are kicking things off with our first accelerator member-only exclusive live call hosted by iHub CIO Eric Zhivalyuk, and OpenView Media VP of Sales & Training, Philip Townsend.

Together, Eric and Philip are going to laying the foundation of what accelerator is, what's soon to come, and what you can and should be doing RIGHT NOW if you are an accelerator member!

Meanwhile, iHub's software development and tech team is cranking around the clock to deliver the most powerful upgraded set of tools, marketing, training, and automation the iHub community has ever seen! And our accelerator members get to have their hands on it before anyone else!

We want all members there participating and providing feedback. They are our boots on the ground, and their feedback matters! Plus our accelerator members get the latest information.

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