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iHub Batch2 Shipping Now!

Confirm Your Order NOW! Only a few days left! 
Confirm your order NOW to be included in Batch 2 (Shipping Now!) 
If you do not confirm your order ASAP we cannot guarantee that your hotspot will be shipped in this batch. If you don't confirm your order you will rollover the the front of the next batch. You can view the next steps of what to expect after confirming your order below in this email.

We've already shipped thousands of Hotspots to iHub Members!


What's Next After I Confirm My Order?

1. Wait for Shipping / Tracking Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your hotspot order, you will get added to our shipping que. You will automatically receive a tracking number via SMS text and email to let you know when your hotspot has shipped. Please do not email us asking when your hotspot will be shipped. We are shipping thousands of hotspots this week, and are going in order of deployment number.

2. Activate Your Hotspot!

Activate your Hotspot!

After you receive your hotspot you will need to go to this link to activate it. You will also receive a sheet in your hotspot box reminding of this step, and where to go. 

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Click Here to activate your Hotspot! 

3. Hotspot Setup & Install Training Videos

Need help with Hotspot Setup & Install?

If you have received your hotspot, and activated it, but don't know how to set it up 

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ Click Here to watch the Hotspot Setup and Install Video Training!

iHub Hotspot Shipping Batches

Hotspot Batch 1 (Closed - Lease and Deposits) 
Batch 1 is now closed and we've shipped out over 3,000 Hotspots for iHub lease and deposits!

Hotspot Batch 2 (Shipping NOW - Lease and Deposits) 
Batch 2 is here and units are shipping now!
! iHub will fulfill and ship over 7,000 in this batch! 

Hotspot Batch 3  (Coming Soon - Deposits ONLY)
Batch 3 is coming closely after batch 2! iHub will fulfill and ship over 3,000 Hotspots in this batch. Please note, this batch will only be dedicated for $400 deposit orders, not the $18/mo leases. 

Hotspot Batch 4 (Coming Soon - Lease and Deposits) 

Batch 4 will follow completion of Batch 3, and we will continue to fulfil both leases and deposits hotspot orders.

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